Jul 102012

It’s time to move and that means getting rid of junk. I cam across our itinerary for our month-long cycling adventure from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas/La Paz.
It sure brings back memories. I am going to share it just in case anybody wants to do such a tour.

Rosarito Beach
Estero Beach
San Vicente
Colonia Guerrero
El Rosario
Catavina/Rancho Santa Ines
Punta Prieta
Guerrero Negro
Ejido Vizcaino
San Ignacio
Santa Rosalia
Playa El Requeson
Puerto Escondido
KM 61 (This is the only way to indicate the stop in the middle of nowhere.)
Ciudad Constitucion
Las Pocitas/El Cien
La Paz
Los Barriles
San Jose Del Cabo
Cabo San Lucas
Todos Santos
La Paz

It sure brings back memories. It was one of the most difficult trips that we have done.

Apr 012011

Finally. It took us longer to get this book published than it did to bicycle across the country. 

Thank goodness that bicycling doesn’t involve a Table of Contents!!!!!!!!! 

Portland To Portland

Portland To Portland


Please check out our new book Portland To Portland  

Reliving the details of our trip has inspired us to plan another cycling adventure. Although we won’t have the time to do an extensive tour, we hope that we might do a few tours of a week’s duration. 

At present, we are considering doing the Erie Canal Trail because it has been improved since we last rode on it. Another possibility is the P’tit Train du Nord in Quebec.  

Do consider a Kindle as an item to carry along on your cycling tour. Just think of how many books you can take on your tour without having to worry about the weight.

Oct 252010

Always looking to discover new trails, we recently cycled on the North Coast Inland Trail from Elmore to Fremont, Ohio. The trail has a great surface and the scenery was perfect during our October ride. It’s about 10 miles from Elmore to Fremont, with Lindsey being the halfway point of that stretch.

We stopped at Sandi’s Cafe there and were fortunate to find that she was still serving lunch when we arrived.
The sandwiches we had were huge, the prices were fair, and personable Sandi is a reason in itself to stop and enjoy a meal, ice cream or drinks here.

To continue onto the trail from Fremont to Clyde, it’s necessary to travel on the streets through Fremont to the next trailhead.

This online map has more details about the North Coast Inland Trail.

We hope to explore the Fremont to Clyde section soon.

Sep 062010

How guilty should I feel for riding a bus to the top of a mountain and then coasting down? Considering that I wasn’t in shape to cycle up the mountain and didn’t have my own bicycle with me, I didn’t feel too guilty. But I certainly remembered the exhilaration felt after successfully, albeit slowly climbing Lolo Pass and coasting down effortlessly for several miles. Those easy coasts came with a bit of pride and sense of accomplishment for having successfully climbed the mountain in the first place. For this particular adventure, that thrill was totally absent.

Beartooth Hairpins

Beartooth Hairpins

Another challenge quickly presented itself; old dogs don’t learn new tricks easily and that was the case with adapting to the bikes that were provided on this downhill adventure. My bike had one handbrake, which controlled the front brake and a foot brake. The handbrake frightened me and went against all that I had learned about never using the front brake alone. I feared flopping over the handlebars, which in this case reminded me of one of those old banana seat bikes with the wide spread handlebars. But, that was the least of my problems.

I couldn’t kick back to raise the left pedal as I always do. How could I start off? My right pedal was up and I had to think about starting off. Nothing to clip into or slide into for my foot. Yikes, it was like riding a bicycle for the first time. I was in the minority in this particular group as most of the others appreciated this cruiser style bike. For me, I experienced a severe case of retroactive inhibition. Even dismounting the bike was a real process for me. How set in my ways I am.

Not having my ancient helmet cam with me because it really does take two people to get it going, I decided to capture video using my still camera with the video function. I simply clipped to to my jacket using two large clamp-on style paper clips, which attached the camera strap to my jacket. I couldn’t really see where the camera was pointing and couldn’t even tell if it were running. Fortunately, I maintained an adequate distance behind the other riders to get good shots of the descent. The rain didn’t help much especially when the drops blurred the riders, but that was much better than the snow that fell on the top of the mountain.

Take a look at the video.